English as a language has a big historical background because it has evolved constantly throughout the history. In the 5th century many Germanic tribes such as the Saxos, the Jutes, the Anglos and the Normans invaded Britain where people spoke the Celtic language, in this manner, English as a modern language is a mainly condensation of cultures, people, races, dialects, roots and many more. In addition, English belongs to the group of Indo-European languages; this variety of languages are still been used now. We have the Germanic tongues (German, Swedish); Indo-Iranian tongues (Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit); Slavic tongues (Russian, Czech, Polish); Baltic tongues (Latvian and Lithuanian) and the Celtic tongues (Irish, Welsh).

In concordance with The University of Memphis's approximately 500 million of people speak English nowadays. In fact all the main knowledge in Science, History, Art and Technology are in English language books so in this competitive era is increasingly compulsory to speak English efficiently. Sometimes the translation services are useful to translate properly scientific and academic information; there are many translation web pages online that you can visit.

Working as an English Teacher is for sure the most exciting and rewarding experience you have to do, furthermore, you are going to meet a lot of foreign people, new cultures, new customs, and to earn a good salary, these are going to be some positive benefits about this job. In this fashion, currently teaching English is a world tendency.

But what do I have to do to become an English teacher?

Basically you need a bachelor degree and certifications showing you have a good command of this language, a TOEFL degree and a perfect English teacher resume are also necessary, but before you send your resume, you need to customize it first. Many web pages online have several types, formats, templates, and big variety of resumes, you have to look for a specific Teacher resume sample so as to improve your CV. An efficient teacher resume and a perfect cover letter are compulsory to get an English teacher job position.

A volunteer activity is indispensable so as to get some valuable experience. Working as a volunteer is a better way to learn more the language skills and get the capabilities and abilities to become a proficient teacher. In addition you resume are going to shine with this element, standing out from the rest. However you have to bear in mind some resume mistakes to avoid before you begin to write your resume.

Don't be exaggerated describing your activities in the resume, just add the most important and the ones that match to the job position you are applying for. Don't lie and try to be humble adding the volunteer work.

In order to help you getting this valuable point we present the list of the top organizations where you can work as a volunteer English teacher:
  • Green Camel Bell
  • Voluntario Global Buenos Aires
  • Volunteer Action for Cambodia
  • Unity Charitable Trust
  • Volunteer for Community Development
  • Navti Foundation
  • Fundatia COTE
  • Dynamic Hands Youth International
  • Creative Corners Global Arts Project CIC

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