New York, The City that never sleeps, offers more attractions to their visitants that other city. In whatever hour, day or month, always you will find something to do or to visit. Non doubt it is the most important city of the United States, in spite of not being the capital of this country, attracts people from every country in the world.

About the city

Land area: 785.6 km2
Water area: 428.8 km2

New York City is so called “The Big Apple” by jazz musicians, located in southeastern New York State, approximately half way between Washington D.C and Boston, at the mouth of the Hudson River. The city comprises five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

From the Bronx to Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens to Staten Island, experience the five boroughs in all their diversity and character. The Bronx include The Zoo Park and The Botanical Garden both worthy of being visited. Brooklyn has historical neighbourhoods – Brooklyn Heights or Park Slope – where you can admire historical residences (the brownstones) of the 19th century, Wiilamsburg, where different cultures coexist with great amount art galleries and The Greenwood Cemetery. Queens is a residential community with many complexes and high departments, the airport of “The Guard” and the Shea Stadium. Staten Island has a small town environment with little houses of families. Certainly the visitors must not to pass the opportunity to do a free travel by ferry, you will observe spectacular views of profile New York buildings and non doubt you will appreciate the Statue of Liberty, symbol of the city and gift of the French town.

New York City, United States New York Bridge, United States

Manhattan is home to most of the city's skyscrapers. The borough is the financial centre and contains major corporations and many cultural attractions, including numerous museums, there are 39 theatres in operation on Broadway today, most packed in a small area called the “Great White Way, the Madison Square Garden an sport and spectacles complex, the New York Public Library is one of the best research libraries in the World, the building of the United Nations; the Rockefeller Centre with ice track in winter; the City radius music hall; The Lincoln theatre, Chinatown is the most popular neighbourhood with a largest concentration of Chinese people. The Central Park located in the same centre of Manhattan Island. It divides in two zones; north part “Uptown” and south part “Downtown” include the Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty, the Wall Street is the famous street between enormous skyscrapers and flood of people and actually the SoHo (South of Houston) is one of the bohemian districts of the city.

Whether we would speak of interesting activities, the list will be infinite. But a stroll in helicopter us result a matchless view of the city, a stroll in boat by the port of New York in boats recovered of the last century and for romantic people a stroll by the Central Park.

The one that does not buy something in New York City is because it does not want; it is possible to be found of everything, music, jewels and books. Whether you like the great cities and much commotion, the Capital of the world is a fantastic place to visit.

Why learn English in New York?

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New York photos

New York City Center, United States New York Empire State, United States New York at Night, United States New York Lookout, United States

English courses in New York

Business English Course

In this course you will work on business writing, speech and oral presentations. You will improve your vocabulary and the use of the grammar. During the course you will analyze business cases of success in the U.S. The students are taken on field trips to financial and business districts, to achieve a better vision of the real business environment. It is a great course for international business professionals.
The length of the program is 12 weeks with four hours of instruction, five days a week, although you can book the number of weeks that you want, from 1 to 12 weeks.

Groups: Max. 16 students
Classes: 20
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IELTS Exam Preparation course

This course is totally designed to develop detailed knowledge of English skills and strategies to pass the IELTS exam. It focuses in improving formal English and also the linguistics elements of the course: vocabulary and grammar tasks, skills building and exam practice tasks. The course consists of four modules with exercises, tasks and practice tests.

Groups: Max. 16 students
Classes: 20
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Intensive English Course

The Intensive English course includes the four language skills in its program: speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will practice and improve your pronunciation, vocabulary and conversation fluency through diverse activities. The school also offers an attractive social program after lessons, that includes field trips to museums, watching movies, etc. These cultural activities will reinforce your English proficiency.

Groups: Max. 16 students
Classes: 20
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Semi-Intensive English Course

The Semi-Intensive course will leave you time to discover the city, or to practice other activities, while you learn English through an integrated programme that includes all the language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The course can take place in the morning or in the afternoon.

Groups: Max. 16 students
Classes: 15
More info: Get your price list

TOEFL Exam Preparation Course

With this course you can prepare the national TOEFL test in either of two formats: computer-based or paper-based. You will work on a complete review of all the language skills needed for the TOEFL test, like written structures (grammar), reading comprehension, listening comprehension and writing. The course is designed to provide a wide variety of techniques and strategies for taking the test. Students are given free access to the computer lab to do a complete practice TOEFL test.

Groups: Max. 16 students
Classes: 20
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Learning English in New York

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