Globalization is the process in which the union of countries is fomented in different areas like: the economics, social and cultural. Along with this process it is necessary the unification of languages in order to make the union easy and to improve because if in the process different languages are used, information is going to be lost and as proper communication is important that one easy to learn language is chosen.

English is perhaps the most popular language in the entire world and also a universal accepted language, it is easy to learn and easy to speak compared to other languages like Spanish, German or French.

Nowadays also as a result of the globalization, information reaches every corner of the planet that uses the internet as a way of getting to every person's house.

Information not only can be reached in the local stores or local libraries. It can be reached in web pages where you are going to need just to write the name of the newspapers you are looking for and a list will appear, in this list you are going to be able to choose the newspaper you want, and as almost all the information is available you can check for world newspapers. Online media also offers a list of televisions, radios and magazines. Many people who are interested on reading about news on other parts of the world, usually search newspapers in English on internet because most of the main means of communication have a version online in English.

As everything, there are advantages and disadvantages about having the information in hand.


  • The Information is quick, just with one click you can have the information you want.
  • It is updated, the information changes everyday
  • Doesn't contaminate, does not use paper or ink.
  • Spend less recourses; does not print written editions.
  • You can check for information that happens before, the information is saved and you can have access to it.
  • You are not going to pay for the information; most of the newspapers have free online editions.
  • You can chose among different options and analyze the latest news better, again most of the English newspapers have an online edition.
  • You can find job opportunities, such as: painter job, dance jobs or any kind just look for them calmly.


  • There are some places where you can infect your computer. (Here it is not the case). There are unsecured pages on the internet.
  • If the source is not reliable your can doubt about the information because as every person has the right and liberty to publish anything the information can be interpreted with different points of view.
  • There are sometimes news that are not properly investigated and the lack of information is showed so it may produce misinterpretation.
  • At the time you are going to be navigating you are going to find wanted information and unwanted information, for example when looking for free webcams you can find some porn sites or sites where shopping webcams and not free live webcams to watch real time images of different places.

In order to secure your computer from infections you have to have the latest antivirus or all the security agents in your computer must be activated.

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