Rugged limestone outcrops rising out of the glittering Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese islands are a compact and fascinating blend of history, holidays and friendly small-island hospitality. Malta’s colorful past ranges from its earliest inhabitants, who built temples on the islands some 6500 years ago, to the arrival of crusading knights in the Middle Ages and the full brunt of World War II hostilities four centuries later, Added to the best climate in southern Europe, it helps attract more than a million tourist to the islands each year.

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Learn English in Malta

Learn English in Sliema

Learn English in Sliema

If size alone determines a country’s capital, then Sliema would win hand down. This pleasant seaside resort much changed over the years, is by far Malta’s largest town. This is the focus of Malta’s thriving tourism industry and presents the modern face of Malta.

Learn English in Gozo

Learn English in Gozo

The landscape of Gozo is greener than Malta and consists of flat-topped hills and terraced hillsides, with high cliffs in the south and west. Gozo is popularly known as The Island of Calypso after the mythological Ogygia reffered to in Homer’s Odyssey.


Malta is a beautiful country located in the centre of the Mediterranean, covering an area of approximately 300 km 2. Malta has the highest population density among countries of the European Union with 3,413.9/sq mi and with a total population of 413.609 in 2008.

Malta is a coveted travel destination that offers high quality accommodation, good atmosphere, friendly people, Crazy nights, awesome views, amazing beaches and of course a large variety of tourist attractions such as The Carmelite Church, Mdina Dungeons, St Paul's Cathedral, Chapel of St Nicholas and Chapel of St Roque.

As any other country in the world, if you want to enter Malta, there are some requirements that you must meet, like a valid Visa for at least 6 months remaining but the most advisable is definitely should contact directly, the embassy or nearest consulate. Once you have met the requirement, you can enjoy all that Malta can offer you.

Employment in Malta

There are several key areas to be aware of within the Maltese employment regulatory framework, especially for companies that plan to initiate a full local office and human resources department. Registering as employed in Malta is relatively easy, especially for EU/EEA citizens. No matter what stage you are in your career, you're going to need to know how to make a resume for a job interview. Checking a professional resume examples you can learn how resumes should be written for some of the top professional positions today.

Learning English in Malta

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