English, like German, Dutch, Afrikaans, the Frisian languages, and Yiddish, is a West Germanic language, and currently it is the second most spoken language in the world, only after Chinese Mandarin. English is considered as the most important language due to this is used in almost all areas. It is calculates there are over 400 million people who have English as a mother language and over 700 million people speak English as a second language.

English is spoken in almost all countries in the world, but it enjoys official status in many countries around the world among which are USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and is the most used in internet and ion the media. Learning English is also beneficial for anyone who loves travel because no matter where you are, you will always find at least one person who speaks English.

English Language

Why Learn English Language

Why Learn English Language

There are many reasons to learn English that you have to take into account. You will be able to improve your whole life if you decide to learn English. Nowadays in the competitive job market it is necessary to speak English. So if you learn English you will have a better chance of getting a job that pays more.

English Language Statistics

English Language Statistics

More than 400 million people have the English as their mother tongue; the largest concentrations are in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa and New Zealand.
MBA Courses

MBA Courses

The vocabulary of the English language is quite extensive with more than 460'000 different words in the Webster Dictionary alone.


Get the definitions for single words, expressions and / or phrases with this selection of english dictionaries.

Learning a second language has become a very important task, namely that in these times it is necessary to have a good command of two languages. Moreover foreign language knowledge is essential when we apply for a scholarship or a job position. Today, learning English is a must to travel, study, work; that is in all fields.

There are a number of language centers, schools and colleges where you can study this language. Learning English seems to be complicated, and indeed for many people is difficult to start writing in this language, but with a lot of effort it can be achievable.

But can you successfully master a language only using online tools? It's posible. In this matter we recommend online english typing test to recognize grammatical patterns that apply to all words once you’ve experienced enough repetition.

Learning English opens the doors to the culture which it belongs. This is true, in the case of English doesn’t not relate to one culture but many. Always think that English is the official language of the United Kingdom, United States, part of Canada, Australia New Zealand and other countries, therefore its influence extends worldwide.

One of the most important reasons to learn English is to study abroad, moreover now in many universities around the world know English is a requirement. Students have to pass English exams before graduating and earning her/his degree. This reflects the interest of schools, universities and institutes in order to be at the forefront of education.

¿Why young people should study a foreign language?

Because in this way they are more prepared for overseas positions. To do this, they have to prepare an excellent resume that best reflects their skills, education and professional experience. Don’t forget to write correctly in your samples of resumes because this will show to the company that you are very organized.

Young people must be aware that if they want to apply for an overseas job position, then it will be necessary to translate Spanish to English their resume. Nowadays some companies ask for resume in both languages.

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If you want to learn English, but do not have time to do it or you do not have money to enroll in this course, then you can perform some activities that strengthen your English knowledge such as listening to music and watching movies in that language. You can also buy a good dictionary find good exercises on the internet or even interactive educational games.

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