Ireland is one of the most beautiful and richly textured destinations, from the “40 shades of green” fields, to the buzz of Dublin, Galway, and Cork. Moreover, Ireland presents a familiar face. English is its official language, if more lyrical; the food is recognizable; the stout legendary; and the hospitality genuine. Indeed, for many people a trip to Ireland is experienced as a kind of homecoming. It takes a while for this superficial reverie to wear off. And when it does, a less sentimental, truer face of Ireland shows itself.

There is a great destination for you:

Learn English in Ireland

Learn English in Dublin

Learn English in Dublin

Dublin is the Republic of Ireland's capital, it is quite apart from, and can be dismissive of, the rest of the country. Dublin is simply contagious, and its addictive quality isn't in the Guinness. It's where it's always been, in the people. Dublin, like most ancient cities, lies sprawled along a river.


Ireland is an amazing country and the third-largest European island, located in north-west Europe. Ireland is widely visit by tourist from the entire world due to its large number of tourist attraction and of course its rich culture. However, as any other country, there are some important requirements that you meet before to enter into Ireland.

Firstly, to enter Ireland it is compulsory to have a valid Irish entry visa, a document that indicates you are authorized to visit Ireland, but the visa is not the only documents you need, sometimes it is also necessary to register with one of the many immigration authorities. However, if you are citizen of Argentina, Portugal, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Greece and other large list, it is not necessary to have visa.

Once you are in Ireland, you will be able to known one of the most ancient cultures. So, what are you waiting, now you know all the benefits that Ireland offers you cannot fail to visit this amazing country.

If you go to Ireland you'll have the opportunity to taste a Rumbledethumps, a traditional dish from the Scottish Borders. The main Rumbledethumps ingredients are potatoes, cabbage and onion.

Learning English in Ireland

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