Great locations to learn the English language

The English Language is a great language that enables you to communicate with a vast array of individuals all over the globe. It is an ever-changing language and requires a lot of focus and determination to succeed. Even though England is the root of the English language, there are many other place where you can learn the global language. With LINGUAGO, you have a variety of options with the locations and cities alike.

Canada - for the brave at heart

Canada is a great place to hit the slopes as well as swim in the many lakes around the large North American country. Besides the recreational activities and the exceptional sites such as the Niagara Falls; Canada is a great place to learn English. With a number of schools located in different parts of the country, Canada can provide the adventurous learner with a great environment to learn in.

England - for an authentic language experience

England, the land of the English language and the go-to country for a thorough experience of the global language. England is full of wonderful things to do, be it in the city or in the countryside, your activity programme will always be full with ample things to do. Taking an English Language Course will be the icing on the cake and help move you up in the ladder.

Ireland - for a fun language trip

Ireland is a fantastic place to enrol in an English Language Course, geographically situated in the North Atlantic; Ireland is an island on the west coast of Great Britain. Both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are excellent native environments to practise your English throughout the day, while enjoying the leisure activities available in the country. Such programmes include a visit to the Guinness factory and traditional music and dance activities.

Malta - for education and the sea

Malta is one of the best places in the world to study English if you are looking for an educational holiday with a fun and exciting twist. The sunny Mediterranean is full of beaches and bars for you to frequent after class or during your weekends. Rich in culture and history, Malta is a great place to practise your English seeing as the language is widely spoken and is one of the official languages of the country.

South Africa - for the opportunity of a lifetime

English is one of the main languages spoken in South Africa, a country with a diverse array of activities to take part in including shark diving or simply enjoying the sun and culture. Practicing the language is fun and easy; the possibilities of means of communication are endless and engaging so choosing South Africa to study English is an opportunity of a lifetime.

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