For many years, movies have had the purpose to entertain that is why watching movies are considered a social experience of going out to the cinema and have a good time with friends. Keep in mind; people around the world watch thousand of Hollywood movies that are made in English-language for that reason these movies are dubbed in different languages and these also offer subtitles, but if you are fan of movies, you will see that movies are much better in original, because in this version people can appreciate the real production design of movies.

So, if you want to understand a movie, you must learn English this way you enjoy the movie and give you a lot of pleasure, for these reasons many people feel motivated to learn this language, because watching English movies offer a personalized learning experience so it involves learning process into entertainment of a interactive and dynamic way so people learn by input that means read and listen to sentences, that people can imitate and then make their own sentences.

These are some advantages that people can learn through movies:
  • Improve listening and speaking ability.
  • Enhance English vocabulary.
  • Increase knowledge of English grammar.
  • Learn slang words, which are not in English dictionaries, and their usage.
  • Sharpen reading comprehension skills.

If you are decided to learn English with the use of movies, you must be compromised with this, otherwise, you lose time and effort; for that reason below you will find some steps to help you to study English:

  • The first step is to buy English movies, but if you are not in an English-speaking country, getting movies in English will be a problem because the majority of stores have only movies dubbed in local language that is why, in this website you can find interesting videos with subtitles and scripts to help you practice English listening, besides you can find a wide variety of authentic videos in different genres such as comedy, animation, musical, documentary and drama.

  • Durring the first time, if you do not understand some words, you can use subtitles, but remember that your eyes and ears should work equally at this stage and by the time try to minimize the use of your eyes on the subtitle, otherwise over time it can be a problem because you will be concentrated on reading and set aside listening, for that reason it is most recommendable to watch movies without subtitles and try to understand the plot of the movie.

You can use stick notes or in a notebook you can write the words that you do not understand and after the movie you can use a dictionary to learn its meaning. After enough practice, you will find it easier to watch the movie in English.

As you can see, watching movies is a great way to learn English like reading books, but keep in mind that there are important differences between movies and books, so with books you can learn how native speakers write in English and with movies you learn how they speak English. Don't lose this opportunity, and start to take advantage of English movies.

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