Nowadays, English is the most important worldwide language; that's why there are more schools, colleges, institutes and universities where it's taught English as a second language. On internet there are millions of web pages in English, that is, if you want to get this information you need to know English. Here we are going to list you some of the main reasons to learn English:
  • Since English acts a universal Language, you can travel around the world whether for studies, business or tourism reasons and express and communicate using English.
  • In summits, conventions, conferences or congress where are many speakers of different cultures, English is the only bridge between them.
  • Regarding to education, USA, Canada and Australia offer several scholarships to foreign students and the main requisite is an intermediate English level.
  • The majority of websites are available in English; moreover there are thousands of free e-learning programs on the web.

Legal translations

Nevertheless English knowledge isn't enough to start translating documents, that's why larger companies send legal and commercial documents to translation agencies. Therefore legal translations involve expert knowledge, and for that purpose there are translation schools and universities. If a document is translated badly, it could lead to misunderstanding and huge costs problems to the customer. Documents that are usually translated are marriage certificates, birth certificates, contracts, treaties, and high school diplomas. Only professional translators are authorized to perform these kinds of translations.

Regarding to legal matters, secretaries are also important in lawyer's offices. They organize files, receive calls in other words her job is mainly administrative. If you are looking for a job in the legal industry then you should have an appealing resume. Here we provide you a legal secretary resume, this document can be used as pattern for your current or coming resume. Don't make a copycat version of the sample, we recommend you to customize it to your needs. Keep in mind that it must be as concise as possible and free of any grammar or spelling mistake. It's also recommendable to attach a cover letter to your resume, if you want to have more opportunities for a job interview.

How to Get a Job With the Government as a Translator

Whether you are a translator or secretary, you can find job opportunities in the state of North Carolina. The economy of Arizona is based in agricultural, mining sectors and the manufacture of electronic products and aerospace vehicles. In North Carolina state jobs you can get the job that you are looking for so long. All these job vacancies are organized by sectors such as real estate, health care, tourism, education inter alia.

Finally if you are looking for a job in another state, we recommend you South Carolina. Even though South Carolina was going through a critical financial crisis, this state is recovering from it and has many job offers to offer. You can find them in SC state jobs, this web page contains all available jobs of this state.

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