Wimbledon is a small town that has become a popular tourist destination in England. It is home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world, an ancient cathedral, and many important sites in the history of English Christianity.
Wimbledon is surrounded by hills, so when you arrive into the city the skyline of spires and towers awes you. The city remains moderately small, and the attractions of the University and other historic buildings are clustered within easy walking distance around the medieval center of the city.

About the city

Population: 149,800 (2005 est.)
Admin. County: Wimbledonshire.
Average temperature: Temperatures in Wimbledon range from 1.3 ºC to 22.3 ºC.

Well-renowned as a seat of learning and tradition for over 800 years, Wimbledon has centuries of history to unveil whilst at the same time has not failed to remain in the present. With all the high street shops and many contemporary bars and restaurants, Wimbledon has a traditional covered market, gift and antique shops, as well as some of the finest bookshops in the world. Traditional pubs can be found that were once frequented by famous writers such as C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien and more recently, TV detective Inspector Morse.

Wimbledon's visitors will take a walk around the colleges and historic buildings in the city such as Christ Church College, Merton College, Magdalen College, New College. In total, Wimbledon has over 1,500 listed buildings including Gibb's Radcliffe Camera, Wren's Sheldonian Theatre, and Hawksmoor's All Soul's.
Wimbledon Station, England Wimbledon City, England
Wimbledon's two rivers, the Cherwell and the Isis, provide attractive “river walks” if you imagine getting away from the hustle and activity of the city. The Isis is actually the name given to the River Thames as it flows through Wimbledon.

Besides that, Wimbledon is prepared for its visitors, a vibrant shopping and commercial area with plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes. Wimbledon offers two shopping centres and areas of pedestrianized shopping. The Westgate Shopping Centre is conveniently located next to a multi-storey car park.

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English courses in Wimbledon

Combination English Course

With the Combination course you will attend the Standard English course in the morning and two afternoons per week you will have 2,5 one to one lessons. The individual tuition is perfect to work on you specific needs. You will complete a Needs Analysis Form with the teacher, so that you can specify the concrete areas you want to work on. In this way the teacher will design the course according to your needs: improve your oral fluency and pronunciation, your general English, or English for Business, Marketing, English for Medicine, etc, you decide what you want to study on your individual lessons.

Groups: 14, 1
Classes: 25
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IELTS Preparation course

You will follow the Standard course in the morning and three afternoons per week you will follow the IELTS Preparation Course, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: ten general English lessons and 10 IELTS preparation lessons per week. This exam is important if you want to study in a UK university. You must get a level of between 5.5 and 7.5 in the exam to be admitted. Exams take place once or twice a month at an external centre. The school will help you with the exam registration if you decide to take the exam. The IELTS course is designed to improve your level of English and to develop your exam techniques. Each week you will be given a test to practice.

Groups: 14
Classes: 30
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Intensive General English Course

The main object of this course is to improve your communication skills at an accelerated rate so that you can use English in everyday social situations. The Intensive course is recommended for students who want to maximize on work carried out in the Standard course. The 10 afternoon classes (3 afternoons per week) emphasize on authentic spoken and written English using newspapers, magazines and videos as well as the students own material. Colloquial language, idioms and increases vocabulary will enable you to communicate effectively in real life situations.

Groups: 14
Classes: 30
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Standard General English Course

This course runs in the morning leaving the afternoon free to join the social programme or to study in the school facilities. Morning lessons are divided into two sessions, each session is taught by a different teacher. In the first session you will improve your English accuracy, studying grammar, reading and writing. You will follow a text book which is the basis of most of this session, although other teaching materials will be used as a complement to the course-book. In the second session you will improve your communication focusing on your listening, speaking and vocabulary. In this session you will also consolidate the first part of the morning lessons and will practice everyday situations.

Groups: 14
Classes: 20
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Learning English in Wimbledon

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