Liverpool, the European Capital of Culture, is a city full of passion, for music, sport, culture, live entertainment and nightlife. It boasts outstanding architecture around virtually every corner, and also it has numerous galleries and museums than any other city outside London.
Liverpool is also a great city for sport lovers: horse racing in Aintree and Haydock, 40 fields of golf, not to mention the football teams Liverpool and Everton. So whether you look for the song “Strawberry Fields” by Beatles, as if you desire to attend to an English league party or enjoy the best thing of the European culture, not doubt it, your choice will be Liverpool.

About the city

Population: 439,473
Land Area: 39km2

Liverpool, a city and metropolitan borough of Merseyside, is based in the heart of North-West England. It has an instantly recognizable waterfront and a unique accent. It forms part of the wider Liverpool Urban Area with a population of 435,500 people. The inhabitants are referred as Liverpudlians but are also known as “Scousers” in reference to the local meal known as “scouse”. Furthermore in accord to the National Tourist Board, Liverpool is the most famous place to go for a day trip. Recently the city hosted the UK's largest contemporary arts festival, the Biennial in 2008, where Liverpool was crowned as the European Capital of Culture. Liverpool boosts its image due to its musicians, poets, writers, artists, painters, sculptors, designers and architects whom alive in the city.

Millions of visitors each year are attracted by its waterfront area and for its exciting nightlife; they come to see the rejuvenated Albert Dock which is home to the Tate Gallery and Maritime Museum. The city centre is packed with magnificent building and splendid architecture as St. George's Hall, Liverpool Museum, Walker Art Gallery and its two cathedrals: the Anglican Cathedral and Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.
Liverbirds of Liverpool, England Liverpool Coast, England
Liverpool is a major shopping center in the area. In recent years, new and exciting retailers have to take advantage of Merseysiders'. A massive building scheme is one of the largest city centre developments in Europe, that opened in 2008 with new apartment stores housing, a new John Lewis and Debenhams along with parking for 3000 vehicles. The site will also have two new hotels, a gallery, new bus station, public park and cinema in 2009.

The city centre has a wide choice of cafes, bars, pubs and clubs, so you'll never be stuck for somewhere to eat thanks to an increasing number of establishments catering for every taste and budget such as people won't have to work hard to get a great night out. Mathew Street hosts the Cavern Club, which still attracts thousands of Beatles fans from all over the world. Also the city counts with five national parks over 2,000 acres of parkland within the city itself.

With a warm and hospitable culture, Liverpool becomes in a perfect city in which there is always something for everybody and suddenly the “scousers” have good reasons to be proud of their city.

Why learn English in Liverpool?

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Liverpool photos

Liverpool Stadium, England Chinatown in Liverpool, England Liverpool Cathedral, England Liverpool, England

English courses in Liverpool

Business English Course

This course is planned to extend the Semi-Intensive English course 15, adding 6 hours more per week dedicated to business English, the course will help you to communicate in today’s international business world.
The course runs five times per year, and you can book two weeks or four weeks. There are two modules, each module has six units or two hours focused on business communication. The teacher will use a text book and will supplement the lessons with newspapers, TV specialized programs, and exercises such as writing e-mails, letters, reports, discussion, negotiation and many more.

Groups: 15 students
Classes: 21
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Cambridge FCE/CAE Examen Preparation Course (Part time)

This course will help English learners to develop their language skills in order to take the FCE / CAE exam. All students will receive the enough resources to handle English as their mother languages.

Groups: 12 students
Classes: 8
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IELTS Exam Preparation Course

The course is combined with General English at Upper Intermediate or Advanced level. It is designed for whom wants to study at English speaking Further Education College or University. It will help you to cope with the language demands of studying in English as well as listening and speaking skills. There is a focus on academic writing and exam techniques to prepare you for the widely recognized IELTS.
The course starts on any Monday with 21 hours per week. The daily program starts at 9:00am and stops 12:00pm, with some classes in the afternoon twice a week.
Approximately the course extends from 4 to 12 weeks, but a minimum of 4 weeks preparation is recommended.

Groups: 15 students
Classes: 21
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Intensive English Course

Same to Standard course, but this course is more intensive and perfect to satisfy all your needs with a variation in the number of lessons.
You will have 21 hours per week.

Groups: 15 students
Classes: 21
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Semi-Intensive English Course

The course introduces you in the main grammatical concepts used in everyday communication such as structure, syntax, vocabulary and pronunciation. Furthermore the main focus is on the application and improving of language skills. Students will be able to familiarise yourself with colloquial and standard English and how to use it in everyday situations.
The course starts on any Monday with 15 hours per week. The daily program starts at 9:00am and stops 12:00pm.

Groups: 15 students
Classes: 15
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Learning English in Liverpool

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