A good resource where you can find a complete list of English Schools around the world is the page of English Language Schools, there you can search schools for the place that you are planning to go and make your list of pre-selected schools.

To choose the right English School, you have to be very careful and ascertain about advantages and disadvantages of the schools that you have pre-selected. Some schools don't complete their promises; they don't give good teaching or maybe charge amounts that not correspond to their offer. Usually these “bad schools” were offered as a “package” by travel agents.

So, it is important to ask clear information: About their programs, size of groups, the level where you will be in, qualification of the staff, and if the school is accredited or approved by a recognized authority.

Choose School

Other important point to take into account is the type of the school. Some students like to study in a small independent school with a very personal service; others prefer a school that is part of a larger chain with a lot of facilities; many of these schools also offer accommodations and social activities.

Obviously, your choice also depends of your budget. Often the price of courses reflects the number of hours' tuition per week, size of the class and other services that the school offers. You should enquire what is included in the price of the course, for example accommodation, meals, registration fees, transfers, etc.

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