Canada is a country that we think we know so well, even if we have never put foot on it. Learning English in Canada is for people who want to develop their English skills and also learn about the culture of this marvellous country, where traditions are found at every moment and the beauty of the open spaces is juxtaposed with the power of Babylonian cities, but the country is best enjoyed in its entirety. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find it.

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Learn English in Canada

Learn English in Vancouver

Learn English in Vancouver

Canada is one of the largest and amazing countries in the world where is placed some of the most amazing cities. Canada has two official languages, French and English, which are spoken in its different cities. One of the most important and amazing cities in Canada is definitely Vancouver that is a coastal seaport city located on the mainland of British Columbia. Although, Vancouver is ethnically and linguistically diverse, the predominant language is the English. So, if you want to study English, you will find all that you need in Vancouver.


Canada, one of the largest and most important countries in the world welcomes you every day of the years. Canada offers a large number of tourist attractions like amazing mountains, beautiful lakes, a large variety of plants and animals, and of course awesome falls, like the Niagara Falls that are the envy of any country, that makes this amazing city one of the most coveted to visit among tourists from the entire world.

As any country, if you want to visit Canada, there are some requirements that you have to meet. So, if you wish to enter Canada for a temporary purpose, you must apply for and be granted a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) that is compulsory, at least you are a Canadian citizen. It is important to have in mind that possession of a Visa is not guarantee that the Port office will admit you into Canada, so it is advisable taking necessary measures in advance.

Another important thing is that criminality and medical issues may prevent a visitor from entering Canada. So, if you meet all these requirements, you can enjoy the beauty of this amazing country without problems.

The Canadian slang

The Canadian slang specially depends on the location and the popular culture. There is not any literal translation for Canadian slang. Canadian slang is conformed of words and phrases. It is important to understand them and practice with your friends.

Canada is located in the north of North America. Canada extends from the border with Maine to the border with Washington State in the northwest. People need to understand that Canadian slang depends on the popular culture and the city. Their slang is conformed of words and phrases.

Canadians received Americans’ influence; however they have their own words to express. Canadians use other terms that have no literal translation in other places.

We will see some of these slangs, so it could be helpful to know more about their own terms. The next time you hear some slang you will be able to understand it. Remember that some of the terms are understood only on a specific city in Canada.

It is a good idea to start understanding the Canadian slang, to practice and after tell it to your friends. Your intonation could sound natural like a Canadian. If you use the same slang that they do, you could sound like one of them.

We can start to know some of the popular terms like:

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Learning English in Canada

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